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A doctor is a person who does the treatment of ill people. The doctors save us from diseases. In all over the world, daily come a new disease and doctors save you from these diseases. An ancient time, doctor plays an important role in the medical field. The complete field depends upon the doctors, without the doctors there is no existence of it or we can say that the generator of medical field is doctors. Sometimes people give the position of God to doctors when they do miracles. Daily they save the million people from the diseases in all over the word and it will not wrong to say that doctors are the other form of God. There are various diseases in all over the world and a doctor cannot treatment of all diseases. A doctor can become specialized in one of two fields. These fields are divided according to human parts and their surgery. Our medical field is doing growth every day and you can see that machines check the our bodies. But in ancient times, Iatros did the treatment without any machine.

There is the 18 category of the doctors, which are divided into 53 subcategories.

Anesthesiologist: – are specialized in preoperative medicine and anesthesia.

Cardiothoracic anesthesiology: – They are specialized in lung surgery, open heart surgery and other operations of the chest.

Emergency medicine: – They also called the physician and specialized in giving the medicine of adults and child in the emergency case.

Family medicine: – They are perfect to give a medicine of all ages people.

General surgery: – They specialized in the surgery like as stomach, small bowel and gallbladder. They also treatment of skin, breast, soft tissue.


Internal Medicine: – They do treatment of adult diseases like as a diagnosis.

Medical genetics: – They also specialist in medicine.

Neurosociology: – They are specialized how biological systems affect fellowship.

Neurosurgery: – They related to the brain.

Obstetrics and Gynaecology: –

Ophthalmology: – they specialized in the eyes, which is our body part.

Orthopedic surgery: – – They are perfect in surgery.

Pediatrics: – This is the branch of medicine that deals with diagnosis of a child.

Plastic surgery: – They specialize in hand surgery and burns treatment.

Preventive health care: – they measure the diseases and prevent from the diseases.

Radiation therapy: – they use the ionizing therapy for cancer.

Radiology: – They take the images of diseases.

Urology: – This is the branch of medicine and they specialized in the surgical and medical diseases.

You can see that 18 category. These are specialized in their field and you can see also their work. They doctors cover all over the body of the human. If you have any problem then you must go to the specialized doctors. These all doctors are available at the With the help of, you can get the address and contact number of the doctor. If you do not know that what diseases is me then you must contact with the MD doctor.

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