Benefit Of Cosmetic Surgery And Plastic Surgery

Benefit Of Cosmetic Surgery And Plastic Surgery


Nidhi Paswan

The function of the plastic surgeon is twofold. Being a cosmetic specialist is as much creativity as it is surgical skill. Changing a person\’s appearance by manipulating tissue and implanting prosthetics is a major function of the plastic surgeon. The second function of the plastic surgeon is the reconstructive function. Plastic surgeons use their surgical skills and modern technologies to reconstruct physical defects of the human body. These defects can be either congenital or from trauma.

Plastic surgeons are responsible for reconstructing the face and other parts of the body. They also fix congenital problems such as cleft palates or malformed feet. There are two types of plastic surgery: cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery. Cosmetic surgery involves enhancing certain parts of a body or reshaping the body to make it look presentable. Reconstructive surgery involves the repairing or replacing of body parts after accidents, fires or illnesses.

Those interested in pursuing a career in plastic surgery must earn their bachelor s degree in a pre-medical major, such as biology or chemistry. Other coursework may involve physics, English and mathematics. When completing their bachelor s degree, students must enroll into a four-year medical school. Some medical schools may combine undergraduate and medical school work and last six to seven years.



As stated above, many surgeons perform plastic surgery. Patients will realize a much more favorable outcome with the benefit of a plastic surgeon. Plastic surgeons complete a much more in-depth training program concentrating on purely plastic and reconstructive surgery. They experience more plastic surgery procedures during their practice and continually learn from these experiences. They learn what works and what does not work for their patients. Board certified plastic surgeons have taken the extra step to show their benefit to the patient. Patients who are in need of cosmetic or reconstructive surgery will benefit immensely with the services of a plastic surgeon.


With the rapid advancement of materials and technology, the plastic surgeon will be required to become more than just a plastic surgeon and an artist. The advancement of implantable prosthetics and material will require the plastic surgeon to become familiar with the chemistry and makeup of the material and how it reacts in the human body. Robotics are rapidly becoming a part of the reconstructive plastic surgeon\’s arsenal of tools. The future plastic surgeon will need the knowledge of bioengineering and robotics so they can utilize them in their procedures.


Many things need to be considered before deciding to become a plastic surgeon. Take into account the length of education and training the profession requires. A typical plastic surgeon\’s training is at least 12 years, including undergrad, medical school, surgical residency and a plastic/reconstructive fellowship. A plastic surgeon may be in her early 30s before entering into practice. Other considerations include long work hours, detailed work and a stressful environment. Emotional stressors may also need to be considered. A plastic surgeon will encounter the worse of deformities and wounds of the human body than most other doctors.

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