Hernia Repair Surgery Complications Led To A Major Mesh Device Recall}

Hernia repair surgery complications led to a major mesh device recall



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The exact number of cases of hernia repair surgery complications that had to occur before the FDA would urge manufacturers to have a mesh device recall is not known. What is known is that thousands of patients have suffered from the painful defective hernia patch side effects. Now those patients are seeking compensation for their suffering and their additional medical problems.

In 1996, the Federal Drug Administration authorized the use of a new product to help with the treatment of hernias. The device consisted of synthetic mesh fabric wrapped around a coil. Because the device was small, it could be inserted into a small incision and the coil would snap the area back into place so it could heal and re-grow properly without putting extra stress on the weakened muscle walls.Defective hernia patch side effects began arising after 2002. Those side effects and hernia repair surgery complications were so severe that it resulted in a mesh device recall recommended by the FDA and put into effect by the manufacturer of the devices. Even after the recall, more reports of the problems that have arisen from the use of these devices have appeared. The hernia repair surgery complications should not be taken lightly. Because the mesh device has been known to break while inside of the patient, its parts can move throughout the body causing serious damage, including perforations to other organs and to the bowels. The mesh parts can also wrap around portions of the small intestines or can cause bowel blockages, as well as fistulas in the intestines.Not only did the patients have to suffer from the additional pain of these defective hernia patch side effects but in some cases they had to continue suffering for years because their surgeons refused to believe that further complications had occurred. Many had to report to other surgeons in order to get relief from their continuing pain. One man had to suffer for an additional four years after having a second surgery to repair a problem with the device. These and other issues led to the mesh device recall.As a result of these hernia repair surgery complications and defective hernia patch side effects, thousands of patients have begun lawsuits against the manufacturer in order to receive compensation for their medical costs and their additional pain. The lawsuits are also hoped to bring attention to the increasing problems associated with devices and medical treatments which are causing serious complications for patients.

Lawsuits are being filed to provide financial compensation to sufferers of

defective hernia patch side effects


hernia repair surgery complications


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Hernia repair surgery complications led to a major mesh device recall}