Why Tiger Teak Ceilings Is The Future Of Home Design}

Why Tiger Teak Ceilings is the Future of Home Design


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A name to which Wooderra owns the copyright, tiger teak is a mixture of white teak (commercially known as teak sapwood) and teak heartwood.

The distinctive teak heartwood carries itself in a golden brown hue, which turns into a dark mocha with exposure. White teak, on the other hand, has a creamy color. The look of Tiger teak depends on the proportion of white teak and teak heartwood in the flooring or paneling. An eloquent mixture of these two characteristics produces a dramatic presentation based on the great variations in color and texture. Teak is usually harvested before the tree is too old to ensure the ideal blending of teak heartwood and white teak is attainable. Knowing the desired combination of golden brown and creamy brown color in each component will complement your home’s interior/exterior design well help you choose the perfect tiger teak planks for your ceilings.

Using tiger teak on your ceilings will add a stunning, bold yet warm statement to the entire design. Tiger teak ceilings play with light the way that paint and drywall cannot. In respect of covering imperfections such as wires, holes, pipes, or rotting on your ceilings; using this spectacular wood for this will come in handy. If your home is built on concrete floor, a tiger teak ceiling works to balance that with its striking visual effect and create spaciousness in the room.


Depending on your architectural preference, there are various ceiling styles that will be a great suit.

1.Planking ceiling

When tiger teak ceiling is done in planking style, it consists of strips of wood lined one next to the other in rows in tongue-and-groove fashion. This technique forms a fancy design of impressive texture for the ceilings. A perk of choosing planking is that you have the freedom to paint, stain, or leave your tiger teak planks natural. If you are familiar with Scandinavian interior design, you know that white is the signature color to their design. Such treatment on tiger teak planks will generate an expansive feel for the room. However, it is recommended to leave planks with their natural tiger teak color. The reason being that homeowners are aware of tiger teak’s great value for the eloquent mixture of teak heartwood and white teak making it one of a kind.

You can also use tiger teak planks to achieve a headboard look. Well-known as a signature feature of farmhouse design, headboard ceilings is where little ridges between each plank are left visible.

Another tiger teak planks can pull off beautifully is shiplap a particular feature of beach houses. Shiplap is similar with headboard, only the planks are made to have rabbeted joint on each edge so that they will be fitted together adequately for increased strength and stability.

2.Exposed beams ceilings

If you aim for a rustic charm, this style of ceiling design will do the trick with the beams and pipes exposed to view from the room below. It creates a lofty feel for the space and acts as a unique highlight in a large interior view.

If your ceiling is high up and has arches, having the exposed beams following the slope of the ceiling will keep that large, airy, and classic hallway design in your home. With the natural light color of tiger teak, even a small space can enjoy the beauty of exposed beam ceiling as it will give it a more spacious look.

3.Coffered ceilings

Tiger teak coffered ceilings communicate a sophisticated and intimate air to the room. Popularity has been increasing in recent years due to its timeless elegance. Coffered ceilings accentuate a series of sunken panels or rectangular panels that frame together to form comic strip shapes.

This square shape design not only adds a decorative element to your ceiling but also reduces the amount of echo in rooms with tall ceilings.

Deciding where to set up lighting fixtures or ceiling fans for coffered ceilings is not tricky at all. Hanging them at the centermost panel is often the ideal choice so that other panels may feature recessed lighting.

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