How To Securely Erase Your Private Files}

How to Securely Erase Your Private Files


James Vaughn

Most of us store sensitive information on our computers, such as payment details, personal information, login credentials, private collections of photos and other files and much more. If you intend to recycle, donate or sell any computer or data-bearing hardware, then you’re going to want to make sure that private information is securely deleted. Unfortunately, it is not possible to get rid of the files for good simply by deleting them and emptying the Recycle Bin. In fact, that process does nothing more than mark the space that was previously occupied by the file as available for new file operations. In other words, until something else overwrites the original data, it will be easily recoverable using any specialized data recovery software. So, if you have something you want to get rid of, you’re going to need a solution like Active@ KillDisk to take care of it.


How Hard Drive Sanitation Works

Securely deleting a single file is not a reliable method of getting rid of a single piece of sensitive data. The reason for this is that older versions of the file could be stored in different physical locations on the disk. In this case, overwriting the deleted data with ones or zeros does not guarantee success, since any deleted copies of the file stored elsewhere on the drive will be unaffected. Similarly, in the case of modern solid-state drives, which most computers now use, the location of deleted data and the creation of new data is entirely controlled by the drive’s firmware. In other words, no third-party program can have control over how the data is stored, deleted and accessed. That’s why a complete hard drive sanitation solution like Active@ KillDisk offers the only certain way to completely erase everything on a drive

Unlimited Possibilities

As the result of many years of research and development, Active@ KillDisk is extremely good at its job. The latest version sports many improvements which include a redesigned user interface and improved visualization throughout the erasure process. Now, you can easily and securely wipe any number of hard drives as well as any other digital storage devices that may be written to. It handles drives better than ever before thanks to improved support for hot-swapping and handling of disks with read/write errors. You can even have the computer automatically shut down after all jobs have been completed. The revamped console supports ATA Secure Erase for SSD drives, network mapping, network sharing and modern 64-bit UEFI Secure Boot, as well as regular legacy boot. The program also ships with the latest edition of Active@ Boot Disk Creator, allowing users to access the functions within a self-contained operating environment.

Active@ KillDisk comes with a new licensing policy for erasing multiple drives in parallel, and the packages have been simplified to three different versions instead of seven. As such, customers can enjoy greater scalability and flexibility without the extra complications that often come with it. If you’re ready to get started with version 11 of the world’s leading hard drive sanitation software, visit today and test out the free trial.

James Vaughn works for a managed services provider where he regularly uses disk sanitation data to ensure that client data is securely deleted when it’s no longer needed.

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