Printers Then And Now

Printers Then and Now by Michael StolleryA printer is a device used to transfer text and graphics to all kinds of media, like paper, fabric, or film. Modern printers can be seen anywhere, and are used in a wide variety of applications. Printers have come a long way since its first design, which then, like a typewriter, can only print characters. For this reason these were called character printers. Then, came line printers, which, as its name suggests, can print one line at a time; and in addition, can print graphics as well. The most advanced printers are page printers, which obviously, has the ability to print whole pages at a time. An illustration of the early character printer may be represented by the Epson LX-300 model, which, similar to many typewriter models, uses ribbons for print. It was the most commonly used model back in the 80s for printing documents and other text objects. Line printers are common nowadays at homes and some small offices. Examples of this type of printer are HP DeskJet 310, Canon S200SP, Canon IP-1000, and others in the series. These printers use ink cartridges and may be used for almost anything from printing brochures, pamphlets, and posters, to t-shirt printing. Page printers are large machines, which are used especially for producing multiple copies, in a short period of time. More advanced models have multiple other functions, like that of a scanner, a fax machine, and a photocopier. Some of them use bigger cartridges for print, and some use powder toners. These machines carry with them a bigger price tag; however, they are often used for business and are well worth it. Printing presses use this kind of printing machines to publish daily newspapers, magazines, and other media of great volume. The evolution of printers has given rise to so many possibilities. For example, given the right kind of media and print quality, one may print pictures of loved ones on special occasions. In line with this, its also possible to make invitation cards and brochures, at the convenience of your own home. Those who wish to start a business may print their own designed labels, business cards, or perhaps sticker names. And as always, people may print hard copies of any documents they need. How often people use their printers would depend on what they need it for. Just as often; however, is the need for regular maintenance. Its expected for equipment that are used more frequently to encounter problems than those that are used less. This is common sense; however, neglect of regular maintenance may cause otherwise. Ignoring small deviations in color, frequent paper jams, and regular cleaning may cause a printer to acquire greater damage in a short time. Basic utilities often come with modern printer models, and it is recommended to run them at least one a month. As a printer is used regularly, its print quality will deteriorate depending on several factors. First is the condition and alignment of its parts, and second, the amount of ink in supply. Deviations in color signify that it is time to check the nozzle setting, or the alignment of the printer head. Small specks of ink tell you that the roller needs cleaning. If the print quality is not consistent, then it is time to check your ink supply, and change your ink cartridges soon. Printers are a good investment, and are considered to be an indispensable accessory to people who use computers. However; having a printer is only economically practical if you know how to use it well.This article was written by an inkjet printer specialist. Who inkjet supplies from who are great resellers of quality discounted Printer cartridgesArticle Source: