Document Scanning Benefits

March 13, 2018

byAlma Abell

Still undecided on the subject of going paperless? Why wait, when your company has the ability to reap a plethora of benefits? Below are the leading reasons to get your documents scanned:

Extra Office Space

Making use of prime office real estate in order to store business records can be expensive. Document Scanning in Tulsa, Oklahoma frees up space in your office in order for it to be used to produce more revenue for your business. A multitude of files may be stored on one server instead of taking space up in large file cabinets.

Enhanced Preservation of Information

If there are critical historical documents, you’ll want to preserve these papers for years to come. The aging process, unfortunately, will accelerate each time they are dealt with. Document scanning includes the “last touch” option which allows you to protect vital data from physical deterioration with the extra advantage of improving the legibility of older hardcopy records.

Improved Data Security

Protecting hard copy data is challenging at best. Scanned documents may be safely stored in the cloud, password protected, and encrypted. It’s possible to assign accessibility levels to certain users and track every bit of file activity.

Better Staff Collaboration

Document scanning will make it simple to share documents, as well as collaborate on projects without reproducing data on paper. Employees in different locations may simultaneously view and access electronic documents.

Audit Compliance

For most businesses, compliance is a reality. Document scanning will make it simpler for your business to fulfill its regulatory and legal obligations. Digital files may be quickly organized, produced, and indexed to meet the demands of the strictest of auditors.

Improved Customer Service

If your business has customers within more than one area, it is difficult to offer steady customer service. Rather than printing and mailing invoice statements, bills, and additional items, document scanning allows you to get crucial information to your clientele a lot faster.

Better Disaster Recovery

Paper documents especially are prone to natural disasters, floods, and fires. Document scanning in Tulsa Oklahoma, fortunately, provides enhanced disaster recovery for you. Digital images may be backed up to a hard drive or electronically protected using an e-vaulting solution.