Discover Trastevere\’S Best Restaurants

Discover Trastevere\’s Best Restaurants


Roberta Stuart

More than anything, Rome is perhaps known for its delicious food, lively restaurants, and cafe culture. And though most people want to stay in Pigna or Trevi, some of the other districts of Rome offer a different, and just as special, experience. Trastevere, which means “across the river”, is to the south west of the city centre but offers great rail and road connections to many of the other sites and attractions in the more well known areas, such as the Vatican. Trastevere also has some great cafes and restaurants, such as the The Ripa Place inside the Worldhotel Ripa Roma, and many other small bistros and gourmet restaurants. This article will list some of the best places to check out during your stay in this unique and fascinating district. Ripa Place (1 Via degli Orti di Trastevere)Just south of the district\’s boundary is the Worldhotel Ripa Roma with its bistro and restaurant The Ripa Place. Its décor is ultra modern, with a sleek minimalist interior design. This supurb restaurant features locally sourced and organic food from regional farmers, with a changing menu that reflects the season and the food culture.Alberto Ciarla (40 Piazza San Cosimato)If you loved the striking interior of the Worldhotel Ripa Roma, then you should also check out the Albeto Ciarla. Also in the minimalist tradition, this restaurant has friendly staff and a sophisticated, set-price menu. It also offers some of the best fish dishes in the city.Antico Arco (7 Piazza Aurelio)Very different from the modern décor at Alberto Ciarla or the Worldhotel Ripa Roma, the Antico Arco features a traditional setting on top of the Giancolo hill. Heavily emphasising meat, the menu focuses on traditional ingredients and authentic Italian inspiration, but also has some interesting interpretations of a more conservative cuisine. They are best known for their delicious Piedmontese cheese risotto.Asincotto (48 Via de Vascellari)This gay-friendly restaurant is a cozy and typical Italian trattoria offering traditional local Trasevere dishes. They are refined and interpreted in a very creative way, however, and you can try such delights as gnocchi with mint and pepper, or a very interesting veal in raspberry vinegar sauce.Il Ciak (21 Vincolo del Cinque)The game featured on the walls and in the windows lets the passersby and potential diners know that Il Ciak is a restaurant with a heavy focus on meat dishes. A delicious, traditional Tuscan-style menu is matched with the house Chianti wine, making their meals hearty and delicious. Paris (7a Piazza San Calisto)With a small outdoor eating area and wonderfully dated interior décor, despite its name, the Paris features a menu rich in traditional Roman-Jewish gourmet cuisine. Here you can get braised oxtail, delicious wines, and deep-fried vegetables. The location is unbeatable if you can get an outdoor seat and watch all the people pass through the busy square.


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