Average Retirement Income Crisis

By Mark Walters

The average retirement income for baby boomers is projected to give them a near poverty level lifestyle. That’s shocking!

I just don’t get it. People in the U.S. seem so intent on spending ever nickel earned today without a thought to how they will finance their retirement. Warnings to our aging population have been published many times, so I won’t repeat those frightening numbers here. It’s enough to say that most folks just won’t have enough savings or pension income to live comfortably in retirement.

Even for those who wake up and are ready to take action it’s just too late save enough money to make much difference.

What’s the solution? Most of these people must plan on generating a retirement income stream

if they expect to enjoy life. Yes, many will find some Wal-Mart type employment, but that will have a minimal effect on their ability to enjoy their last years.

The real answer is to create your own, independent source of retirement income. That will become important even for those people who do have a retirement plan in place.

The Inflation Trap


Washington’s uncontrolled spending is creating an inflation trap for most retirement plans. After flooding the world with dollars to keep our economy from collapsing the Federal Reserve must put on the brakes by raising interest rates. That will send a shock through the economy and prices will begin to climb. Inflation will stalk the land for years.

Inflation robs each of us, because it makes every dollar worth less. Inflation cripples our buying power. Even those who planned well and have a source of retirement income will find that income will just not support anything but a very frugal lifestyle.

Higher prices and less buying power – Look at this headline from a major city newspaper in August, 2008:

RISING COSTS OFFSET STIMULUS CHECKS! Consumers Pinched as Report Shows Wages Stagnant!

In other words, prices are going up faster than even tax refund gifts from the government can compensate for. And this is just the beginning. Food, gasoline, travel and the basics of life cost more every week.

What To Do?

Face it, you don’t have a minute to spare. You must get to work right now on a supplemental source of retirement income. This is most urgent If you have been relying on social security checks alone to support your retirement.

Even if you have planned for retirement income or have a promised pension, I can almost guarantee that what ever your monthly income is it will not be enough.

You must learn to earn through:

1. The Internet

2. The Stock Market

3. Real Estate

Any person can begin building a business and income through the internet. You can work from home at your own pace, there is not a steep learning curve involved and you can get started for as little as $100.

With some study and effort, after a few months you can find that you have developed a steady monthly. At that point you have some choices. You can continue building your online business or you can invest some of you income into dividend paying stocks or rental real estate.

If you will follow those steps I think you have a good chance of living a lifestyle you only dreamed about during your 9 to 5 years.

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