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Submitted by: Alisa Murphy

The Need for Advanced Education

When a chiropractor makes the decision to enter into the arena of sports medicine, they know they need some advanced education to achieve these goals.

They learn how to become keenly aware of illnesses and conditions resulting from game competitions and the physical activity these matches demand on the athlete.

Competitions such as the Olympics are grueling and hard on the most prepared athlete. The chiropractor must deal with any number of accidents or injuries, in addition to the daily wear and tear on muscles and joints.

The skilled chiropractor know what demands on the human body a particular sport entails, the likely injuries an Olympic sports competition can cause, and the type of technique the athlete needs to counteract this stress on their body. This doctor must accurately target problem areas using the appropriate chiropractic technique to correct the problem as soon as possible.

A skilled chiropractor or a chiropractic student desiring to ready athletes for the Olympics requires advance education. An advanced sports degree opens the doors of opportunity for this professional to enter the Olympic medical team. This professional works towards furthering their studies for an additional degree as an athletic trainer.

A chiropractor must be keenly aware that they are on call 24/7 and are at the immediate disposal of Olympic members.

Sports Doctors of Chiropractic Medicine

As a team doctor for Olympic athletes this professional addresses injuries of the athletes. This chiropractor makes sure athletes receive spinal corrections on a routine basis. However, when any bone that requires attention this doctor must be ready to evaluate and administer care to the athlete.

Olympic athletes prepare themselves for advanced performances during competitions, meaning, the athlete searches for ways the practitioner can help them. In turn, the chiropractor discusses with the athlete on how they can outperform competitors. The athlete desires to move more freely, faster and become stronger during competitions.

Every time an athlete performs in competitions that athlete’s goal is to stay ahead of their competitors. It is up to the sports doctor to make this happen. This type of enhanced athletic performance is legal, healthy and the athlete must avoid at all cost any performance-enhancing drugs to reach their goals.

This skilled and highly educated sports chiropractor helps the athlete to achieve faster speeds in shortened times and be the strongest they can be during competitions.

These chiropractors must decide what, why, where, and how an athlete becomes injured and then fix the problem as soon as possible, so the athlete loses no competition time, if possible.

The sports chiropractor helps the Olympian athlete to maximize a healthy lifestyle through the correct diet and exercise program. The doctor accomplishes this through improving the athlete’s neuromuscular function while increasing and maintaining postural and muscular balances.

What Olympic viewers may not be aware of is the depth by which Olympic athletes utilize the services of a sports chiropractor to help them reach their maximum performance, while enhancing a healing process in the body so an injured athlete can get back into the Olympic competition.

About the Author: Skilled athletes know the importance of chiropractic care at

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, before, during and after any sports game. Athletes understand the importance of keeping their spine straight and attend to injuries as soon as possible at Manhattan NY Chiropractic Offices. They know that it is the chiropractic team doctor who can reduce or eliminate back and neck pain, headaches and fix most injuries non-invasively.


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