Pure Benzoin (Loban) |Soothe And Refresh Mind}

August 1, 2018

Pure Benzoin (Loban) |Soothe and Refresh Mind


Gaurav JainIndian Incense is better known as Agarbatti by Indian people. Agarbattis are used from thousands of years for religious rituals and for medical purpose. In India incense is known very well it is also used in Vedic literature. Not only in Hindu culture, but also in other culture Incense are used for praising the God. As a part of preparing for Meditation Incense directly deals with the poster of sitting and the amount of concentration is put. Agarbattis are the part of the religious ceremonies. Almost of the rituals, festivals and religious ceremonies are incomplete without Agarbattis. Incense should be correctly flamed, it should not only spread smoke in the air but also provide some spiritual or positive energies. The more refined the incense is the more apparently it will have the positive impact on mental health. Benzoin is the common material that is used for making Agarbattis, because of its vallina like aroma fragrance. Benzoin is mainly used in India and Arab states of Persian Gulf. Here there burn the charcoal in the form of Incense. Benzoin is also used for manufacturing of Indian Incense, Japanese Incense, and Chinese Incense. There are two types of benzoin incense, benzoin Siam and benzoin Sumatra. Benzoin Siam is found in Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia.

Benzoin is also known as Loban Agarbattis. Benzoin is a great and all times used agarbatti for the purpose to spread magical fragrance in the air. Loban Incense stick is burnt on the charcoal disc. Loban is an incense product which is used to give fragrance. It is usually used for spreading aroma, but there also have different benefits of it. Due to its fragrance mosquitoes and other insects are killed. And also its powder form is used for making scents. Loban agarbattis also helps to produce peace of mind and relaxation in the home. Loban agarbattis helps to remove negative energies like angered, depression, and frustration. Many people use loban agarbattis to fight against stress, tension, disturbance, anxiety. Benzoin has relaxant and soothing stuff. It also has relaxing effects. It relieves anxiety and stress, tension, eases nervous tension, uplifting, soothing, warming, helps to overcome depression and restore confidence, dismisses anger, reduces bad temper, and frees the head. Actually, it brings the nervous system and neurotic system to normal. Benzoin gives a feeling of mood-uplift in the case of depression and relaxes and in the case of nervousness and stress.

By Burning incense the fragrance generated enhance the positivity and keep our mind away from thinking certain activities. Attention is focused and create a spiritual atmosphere. Mediation incense is created with natural herbs and thus burn release some unique kind of smoke, which help us to concentrate. Rose incenses are also used in meditation which helps in balancing the spiritual side as well as the attention remains focused.

Mediation explore the positive energy and gives much physical and mental benefits. In today’s fast life it help us a lot in realizing our inner quality, Moto and goals. To buy incense sticks for mediation and yoga click here.

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